Current Tenant Committee

Term 2023 tenant Committee started immediately after the tenant meeting 09.01.2023.
Tenant Committee has the following members:

  • Emil Fihlman (chair)
  • Ville Takio (vice chair)
  • Ella Anttila (person in charge of communications)
  • Lassi Mölsä (person in charge of keys)
  • Vilho Mäkelä (person in charge of allowance)
  • Matti Jämsen
  • Jaakko Peni
  • Anton Podlozny


You can contact the tenant committee via via email to All tenant committee members have personal email addresses following the format


Telegram is the most active channel for discussion in Otaniemi.

Download the app and join the OtaHoas Telegram group.

You can find a list of different OtaHoas Telegram groups and their invite links at

Otaniemi has also a common Telegram group and buy/sell group


OtaHoas Tenant Committee has a Facebook page where we share general information and upcoming events.

For general discussion you should use Teekkari Village Facebook group.

IRC channels

IRC channels are not that active anymore. OtaHoas still has an IRC channel #OtaHoas, where are usually some tenant committee members. Some houses have their own channels e.g. #JMT11 and #OtaHOAS. 

Discussion has moved mainly to Telegram groups. Messages between Telegram and IRC-channels are delivered by a bot named joutobot.

Houses have also their own groups:

Jämeräntaival 9: Telegram

Jämeräntaival 10: Telegram

Jämertäntaival 11: Telegram

Servin Maijan tie 3: Telegram

Servinkuja 5 ja Servinkuja 6: Telegram

Miestentie 2A: Telegram
Miestentie 2: Telegram and Facebook

Contact us

You can contact the current tenant committee in any matters that happen to be troubling you via email to the tenant committee email list (

Note: We receive many contacts from students finding for an apartment. OtaHoas does not distribute apartments but represents current tenants (tenant committee). If you are in need for an apartment in Otaniemi, make a housing application at and/or