Your Tenant Committee in Otaniemi!

OtaHOAS is a group of residential buildings owned by Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS). The tenant committee represents the tenants and is in charge of the local tenant recreative activity.

There is no longer a fixed strict people limit, we apply guidelines on the amount of people a space is suitable for.

Reservation requests are again made directly to the mailing lists. Use the user request generator to make sure your email has everything required.

Teekkarikylä is an active community!

Currently most active discussion related to Teekkarikylä happens in Facebook and Telegram groups. The Facebook group also contains link to an active buy/sell stuff Telegram group.

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Upcoming events

Duties and responsibilities of the tenant committee

Tenant meeting

To organize the annual tenant meeting in the beginning of semester

Tenant events

Bee, parties etc.

Club rooms and loanable items for tenants

Maintaining the clubrooms and loanable items

OtaHoas is not responsible for distributing the apartments

Tenant committee organizes events and maintains clubrooms and workshops for tenants in the name of common good.

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