All the residents’ committee official releases, events and news are published on this website. For more information on events, accommodation and living can also be found elsewhere.

Current Tenant Committee

Term 2020 tenant Committee started immediately after the tenant meeting 22.01.2020.
Tenant Committee has the following members:

  • Annika Niittylä (chairman)
  • Ville Takio (vice-chairman)
  • Sanna Halmkrona (secretary)
  • Vilho Mäkelä (vice-secretary)
  • Kaarle Piipponen (person in charge of allowance)
  • Olli-Pekka Osmala (assistant person in charge of allowance)
  • Karl Lipping (person in charge of communications)
  • Jaakko Peni (assistant person in charge of communications)

All Tenant Committee members have personal email addresses of the type It is, however, recommended to use one of the forms or the mailing list of the entire tenant committee for contacting to ensure you reach all committee members.

Tenant Committee mailing list

Tenant Committee has an internal mailing list, where you can send questions and feedback: It is not possible to joint to the list. You can also send a message to the same list by using the form below.

IRC-channels (and Telegram)

Informal discussion can be found at IRCnet held. OtaHoas irc-channel is #OtaHoas, where there are usually tenant committee members. Tenants can be found at channels #JMT11 and #OtaHOAS. from there you can ask for help or just get to know your neighbours. (IRC guides). Note that the response time may vary from an hour to a day. Prepare to wait. Feedback is direct once someone wakes up.

Because the popularity of IRC has been dropping in recent years, the #OtaHoas channel is bridget to Telegram messaging group in a way that messages move between protocols. This means that if you don’t use IRC, but want to be in contact with tenant committee, you should consider joining to the Telegram group through in from / telegram (link is not machine-readable because there has been spam bots joining). The messages between protocols is delivered by a bot named joutobot.

Contact Form

Using this form you can contact the current tenant committee in any matters that happen to be troubling you. Please tell us your e-mail address, so we can aswer to you. The messages sent through the form are directed to the tenant committee mailing list.

Note: We receive many contacts from students finding for an apartment. OtaHoas does not distribute apartments but represents current tenants (tenant committee). If you are in need for an apartment in Otaniemi, make a housing application at and/or

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