Space reservation form

Reserving the spaces

You may send an reservation request from below. The request is sent to all keyholders of the space and they will contact you via email. Check the booking calendar to see if the space is already reserved.

Reservation form is only for requests and it does not necessarily mean your proposed day/time can be arranged, as keyholders are volunteering to open the doors. It is suggested to do your reservation around week before your need (e.g. previous day reservations are seldom arrangeable). Also more than two weeks early requests can be canceled as volunteers can not always plan everything that early.

You may only reserve one type of clubroom with this form. If you need multiple spaces, please fill the form multiple times so that correct people receive the correct message.

Opening the spaces

Agree via email conversation the opening for the space at a time that suits both you and the keyholder. Please note that a keyholder will come to open the door for you at the beginning of your reservation. Keys are not given to the reservee!

Opening or using the spaces is free of charge.

General usage rules

  • Reservee should be at the space during reservation as he/she is responsible for the space.
  • Every user should clean the space and arrange the furniture and the items to their correct positions. The space must be in the same or better condition than what it was when the usage began.
  • Notify shortages and broken objects to the keyholder.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Usage hours for the space ends when the quiet hours begin. Quiet hours begin at 22:00 o’clock (10 pm) if the next day is normal working day, otherwise at 23:00 o’clock (11 pm).

Some of the spaces may have special rules or notes that should be given to you by the keyholder latest at the time of opening the space. Remember to ask the keyholder of any such notes.

Especially with the first-time reservees the keyholders will check the space before and after the usage. If the usage rules are violated or the users otherwise behave badly, that may result a reservation ban. To make sure your next reservation is also successful, keep the space tidy and the users in good control during use!

Every field is mandatory.




Telegram-nick (if you have, for easier contact)

Address (apartment number not required)

Club room to reserve

When do you need the space?

At what time your usage begins?

At what time you estimate your usage to end?

Why are you reserving the space and how many people will attend? Any additional information or questions?

I have read general and space-specific terms of use (link open in new windows).