Loanable items

Hoas tenants have the opportunity to borrow tenant committee’s loanable items.

Booking and Pick-up

Loanable items are usually kept in clubrooms, hence the agreement will be made by a clubroom’s keyholder. Booking and pick-up/use is normally agreed by e-mail. Please contact the right person through this form.

Remember to bring valid identity card while coming to pick up the items. Student card is valid.

Responsibilities of borrower

The borrower is responsible for returning the goods in a condition as it was while picking-up. Hoas (based on discussion with OtaHoas) can charge the borrower if the goods are broken or modified on purpose or by borrower’s negligence.

List of items

OtaHoas’ loanable items are listen below. They may reside either in OtaHoas’ warehouse (JMT 10 or 11) or in one of the clubrooms.


We have two polyethylene single-seated kajaks and one two-seated kayak. There’s everything you need to go kajaking trips in the nearby areas. Read more broadly kayaks from their own guide pages.

Sup boards

OtaHoas has two sup boards. Sup boards are stored at the same location with kayaks.

two sup boards

Snow shovel

Snow shovels can be found from JMT 10 H, JMT 11 CD and SK 5 clubrooms as well as from SK 6 bicycle storage.

Fiskars lumilapio

Moving-away Box

Tenants’ committee has 40 pieces of moving boxes. Boxes are loaned with deposits, the amount of deposit will vary based on the number of boxes loaned. The maximum loan period is one month. Boxes are located in JMT 11 CD clubroom. The boxes are plastic, with the measurements of 60x40x30cm. The boxes can be stacked inside one another when empty, or on top of each other when full.


Other items

Oars and life jackets
Window Washing machine
Laminating machine
Bread maker
Sewing machine
Pressure washer
Jersey for sports
Electric grill

Board Games

OtaHoas owns a large number of board games. Games can be found from multiple clubrooms and they can be played there or had for a short-term loan.


7 Wonders (fin, peruspeli)
7 Wonders, Cities (fin, lisäosa)
7 Wonders, Leaders (fin, lisäosa)
Battleground (fin)
Carcassonne (fin, peruspeli)
Carcassonne, Kirjurit ja kauppiaat (fin)
Carcassonne, Basaarit ja Bastionit (fin)
Carcassonne, Kreivi ja kuningas (fin)
Carcassonne, Torni (fin)
Diplomacy (eng)
Dominion Intruque (eng, base game)
Dominion Valtakunta
Dominion Nousukausi
Dominion Seaside (eng)
Dominion Kaukaiset rannat
Dominion Prosperity
El Grande (eng)
Modern Art (fin)
Muuttuva labyrintti
Pokerisetti metallisalkussa (300 pelimerkkiä)
Puerto Rico (eng)
Risk (fin)
Robo Rally (eng)
Samurai (fin)
Small World Underground (eng)
Scrabble (fin)
Ticket to Ride

JMT 10 H

Afrikan Tähti
Alias (fin)
Carcassonne (fin)
Dominion Valtakunta (fin, peruspeli)
Ghost (fin)
Insikt (fin)
Pictionary (fin)
Puerto Rico (eng)
Qube-kysymyspeli (fin)
Scotland Yard (fin)
Trans Europa+ (fin)
Trivial Pursuit (fin)
Trivial Pursuit Genus (fin)
Trivial Pursuit Perhepainos (fin)
Voitto kotiin
Wild West (fin)


Bang! (eng)
Carcassonne (puulaatikossa)
Carcassonne, Abbey & Mayor
Carcassonne, Torni (fin)
Catan, Cities and Knights, 5-6 Player Expansion
Catan, Cities and Knights, Game Expansion
Catan, the Settlers of (eng, base game)
Catan, the Settlers of, 5-6 Player Expansion
Dominion, Alchemy (eng, expansion)
Dominion, Alkemia (fin, lisäosa)
Dominion, Cornucopia (eng, expansion)
Dominion, Hovin juonet (fin)
Menolippu Eurooppa
Modern Art (fin)
Peli (ehkä), puinen, itse tehty, hyvin hämmentävä
Pro Poker (300 merkkiä)
Puerto Rico (eng)
Ticket to Ride
Trans Europa (fin)