Form for loanable items

Below you can send an item loan request. The request is delivered via email to the people maintaining that item.

You can send only one request with the form. If you want to loan multiple items, fill the form once for each item to ensure right people will receive the request.

If you don’t get a response in a few days, contact us in other ways.

The responsible people are all volunteers. The requested loan is unfortunately not always possible. The earlier you make your request, the more likely it is possible to fulfill.

All fields in the form are mandatory.




Telegram-nick (if you have, for easier contact)

Address (apartment number not required)

Item to borrow

When do you need the item?

Additional information of your needs

I agree my responsibilities as a borrower: A borrower is responsible to return the item in at least as good condition as it was when it was given to him/her. OtaHoas may charge the borrower if the item has been broken due to borrower's carelessness, negligence or intention.