For Tenants

Service advices

By making a service advice to HOAS you can speed up the correction of other significant faults in other parts of the property too! If there’s lights broken in your local club room or something else is broken, fill a report in HOAS’ pages to the property maintenance company. You can also send feedback via e-mail address hoashelp[at] or in emergency cases, such as water damages, please call 020 491 2720 (24h).

Feedback on the condition of the property can also be sent to the tenant committe. Since the tenant committee is made up of voluntary residents, please contact us only if direct feedback to HOAS is unsuccessful or you have something else to complain.

Opening the doors

The door opening service is intended to guarantee your access to the apartment even in the event that you are temporarily not in possession of the key (the key is lost or you may have left it in the apartment). The door opening service can only be used by the tenant that is officially registered as the tenant by Hoas.

In most Hoas properties, the door opening service is provided by Securitas. You can ask for your door to be opened by calling Securitas at 020 491 2962. Securitas will send you an invoice according to the service contract given to you by the guard when the door is opened.

The cost of this service is 27 euros and you must pay it with the invoice sent to you by Securitas.

Notice of cleaning

Rubbish in the corridors? HOAS is responsible for cleaning maintenance. By giving feedback you’ll also improve other residents habitability.


HOAS property order states that silence prevails on weekdays from 22-06 as well as weekends and holidays, at 23-08. Other residents must be given an absolute night rest under the time of silence.


Unsorted mixed waste goes to the big black waste tanks. If one tank is full, take the trash the next nearest one. Note, however, that there are also tanks in the end of JMT that are intended for paper, cartoon etc.

Lightbulbs go to mixed waste, while fluorescent tubes are hazardous waste, which is taken in for instance at AYY office. The same place also has collection box for used batteries.

Dishes, furniture etc., if clean and not broken, can be taken to (and obtained from) AYY’s Recycling Center, that operates in SMT 6D (more info on Recycling Center’s webpage). Small working electronic devices can also be brought to Recycling Center. Bigger, broken or outdated devices should be disposed in electronic waste collection point at Otakaari 20.

In Jämeräntaival basement rooms depend on the number of the home.

Hoas’s information regarding living has been gathered to address Tenants are advised to read through those pages.

Aalto University Student Union has also gathered information regarding to living in Teekkarikylä in pages To some extent they are applicable to Hoas residents, also.

Any questions? Please contact us.